About the Artist

The Artist

Mother Earth was my very first abstract in college


My name is Taneka Dianne, 

and I would love to paint something for you.

My Style



It is hard for me to identify my artistic style.  Like many others perhaps, my original theory and technique were crayons.  Coloring in picture books was my passion. Mixing raw sienna and Indian red to make the perfect skin color was my goal. I remember when I got my first box of 64 with the built-in sharpener.  My imagination was limitless.  Throughout the years I have come to appreciate art at a higher level.  Acrylic mediums and molding pastes have replaced my crayons.


One can say my artistic style can be described as a cross between realism, expressionism, and abstract.  I enjoy abstract art because images can be altered and distorted but still remain recognizable.  Emphasis can be placed on mood and feeling without regard for direct representation.  I particularly enjoy realism; portraying my subjects with detailed accuracy - shown as they would be in real life. I especially love painting landscapes.  Additionally, I love expressionism. Here I can emphasize the emotion experienced by the subject - there is an appearance of reality, but the facial expressions or structural lines may be exaggerated or distorted.

I have been painting since high school – winning several painting awards.  I primarily painted for personal enjoyment and expression.  Over the years friends and family have been able to sneak out of my home with most of my paintings.  So recently I decided to paint for you! 

Let's talk


  What would you like for me to paint you? What are your favorite colors and/or themes?  What do you envision your artistic style to be?  Let’s talk. 


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